I'm a 24-year-old, first year, PhD student at Cambridge University on the Artificial Intelligence For Environmental Risk (AI4ER) programme and an affiliated researcher on the ERC funded Smart Forests Project.

My PhD research takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining machine learning, bioacoustics, forest ecology, indigenous knowledge and sociology to investigate the role of technology in forest conservation. I was awarded a Knowledge Exchange grant for this work by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative for its originality and potential for change within the conservation field.

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I am also the founder of ClimateInColour, an online education platform and community for the climate curious, making climate conversation more accessible and diverse.

✨ Since April 2020, the platform has grown to a community of 33k+ individuals and has collaborated with a wide range of organisations including Meta (previously Facebook), Estee Lauder, Samsung, The Design Museum, Fairtrade, Greenpeace, The Financial Times, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, Waterbear Network, and Friends of the Earth.

She has been invited to speak on topics of climate justice, climate colonialism, activism, creativity and systems change by The United Nations Geneva Dialogues, Channel 4, Cheltenham Science Festival, Oxford University, The National Lottery, The Design Council and The Wellcome Collection. Joycelyn is now the climate columnist at award-winning media company Gal-Dem and is a regular climate contributor on the Sky News daily climate show.

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